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Entrance prices: 1€ per person (free parking).
The Demi-Lune (DL or “half moon”) is the local currency in the park
. It will enable you to enter activities which are not free.

Carousel Ride 2 DL   Jungle 3 DL
Baby Bob 3 DL   Mini golf 4 DL
Little Train 3 DL   Paddle boats 5 DL
Trampoline 3 DL   Bumper boats 6 DL

Demi-lune (DL):
– 1€ per unit
– from 0.57€ to 0.67€ according to the package:


Package 10€ 15 DL
Package 15€ 24 DL
Package 20€ 33 DL
Package 30€ 52 DL
Package 40€ 70 DL

Are you coming with your family? You can already know much you will spend in the park for the day by clicking here: Simulation

You can book your stay by clicking here (group rates for Leisure Centers, Schools, Social ETS, Associations…): Réservation