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The website is working to implement the recommendations of the Web Accessibility Initiative, which determines how to make websites technically accessible and enables navigation for all.

The website respects the W3C recommendations. 

Should you identify an error or an oversight in any of the pages, or if you have any problem with it, please contact us at the following address:

Keyboard shortcuts available on this site

  • Keyboard shortcuts: accesskey = 0
  • Homepage: accesskey = 1
  • Sitemap: accesskey = 5
  • Contacts page: accesskey = 9

How do keyboard shortcuts wor?

The exact combination of keys will vary depending on platform, operating system and web browsers.

NOTE: Because different browsers implement this feature in different ways, refer to the documentation with your specific browser.

Please note that keys 0-9 on the number pad will not work for this. Users of AZERTY keyboards may find it convenient to invoke the CapsLock key or use the Shift key to reach the numbers.

Some browsers also allow users to navigate using the TAB key, highlighting successive links in turn as the Tab key is pressed. Once the correct link is highlighted, press Enter to follow it.

Choice of colour scheme

The website comes with two colour schemes:

  • Mode Normal: Click here to return to the default page style from inverted mode.
  • Mode Contraste (Black background): Click here to render the text in white on black, which can make text easier to read for some users with impaired vision.

We would like to remind you that your browser will still increase or decrease the type size in either screen mode.

How to increase or reduce typesize from the keyboard?

There may be machine and browser configurations that do not support this, but here are the most frequent implementations:

  • PC: Ctrl + mouse click (left and right) or Ctrl with either the + or – keys on the main keyboard or Ctrl + Shift and the keypad + or -.
  • MAC: users will need to use the Apple/Command key in place of the Ctrl key and may not need the shift key for the keypad keys to work.

Voice synthesis

The website is optimised to work with voice synthesis software. The contents of the site are structured to allow automated reading software to distinguish the different levels of the heading. An alternative text is attributed to every image on this website.